Frequently Asked Questions

What is One Ten Weight Loss Plan?

One Ten Weight Loss Plan is a combination of commitment and diet plan which assists customer to lose weight quickly without hours of workout sessions. 

What types of commitment is required?

The plan includes an instruction set which is very crucial for the success of the plan. The instruction set includes diet, sleep, other guidelines.  

What foods are allowed or part of this plan?

Foods for this plan include proteins, carbs, and vegetables.

What is the duration of the plan?

The plan requires you to follow instructions exactly as defined for 1 week.  

Can I continue plan after 1 week?

No, It is not recommended to continue the plan after a week, although you can try it once a month.  

How does it help?

The plan provides healthy food options in right quantity, sleep pattern, and other instructions which helps you avoid the unconscious mistakes which assists in weight loss.